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Rococo vinaigrette, gold, from 1758 (2)       
Rococo vinaigrette, gold, from 1758 (2). Rococo vinaigrette, solid gold, Copenhagen master's mark Peter Jacobsen Griis 1724-1787 and dated 1758. Assay master's stamp Fabricius. Asymmetrical form richly chased with rocaille, scrolls, flowers and seated figures, compartment below. H. 6 cm, weight 36 g. Original lined leather case ... Lot no: 3374820 EUR 2,680 DK, Næstved, Gl. Holstedvej 29/04/2014 19:45:00 EUR 1,608
Axel Salto for Royal Copenhagen. Bowl, stoneware, fluted style       
Axel Salto for Royal Copenhagen. Bowl, stoneware, fluted style. Axel Salto 1889-1961. Bowl, stoneware, modelled in fluted style and decorated with solfatara glaze, interior with birds' egg glaze. Signed Salto. Produced by Royal Copenhagen. H. 12, Ø 25.5 cm. First quality. Lot no: 3382072 EUR 1,072 DK, Herlev, Dynamovej 26/04/2014 19:15:00 EUR 804
Onesto - MURANO, ITALY - glass vase, 18.6 kg       
Onesto - MURANO, ITALY - glass vase, 18.6 kg. Vase by Onesto, Italian master glass blower from Murano, Venice. Unique specimen, underside features incised signature. Clear glass — multi-coloured inner casing, bubble inclusions, melted-in multicoloured fragments in various shades, maritime depiction of Medusa. Rectangular vase, wavy shape. ... Lot no: 3302795

Brand new item
EUR 1,100 DE, Düsseldorf, Kappeler Straße 30/04/2014 18:52:00 EUR 625
Gianluca Vidal - Murano, Italy - glass vase       
Gianluca Vidal - Murano, Italy - glass vase. Glass vase by Gianluca Vidal of Studio Celotto, an Italian master glassblower from Murano, Italy. The vase was produced using various glassblowing techniques, base features incised signature '1/1'. H 45.5 cm, W 24.5 cm, D 13.5 cm, weight approx. 3.1 kg. New goods are valued according to the ... Lot no: 3302796

Brand new item
EUR 1,800 DE, Düsseldorf, Kappeler Straße 26/04/2014 21:08:00 EUR 1,300
Gianluca Vidal, Murano (Italy), glass vase       
Gianluca Vidal, Murano (Italy), glass vase. Glass vase by Italian master glassblower Gianluca Vidal of Murano (Venice), Studio Celotto. Vase is a unique piece handcrafted in a range of techniques. Signature and '1/1' (serial number, one of a kind) etched on base. H approx. 39.5 cm, W approx. 22.5 cm, D approx. 12 cm, weight approx. 2.7 ... Lot no: 3338381

Brand new item
EUR 1,700 DE, Düsseldorf, Kappeler Straße 27/04/2014 20:05:00 EUR 1,250
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