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Venezuela 1861 - ½ real red Error of Colour of the first issue with certificate Dr. Heister - Scott 4d and Blanco 7a
Certificate Dr. Heister: "... Horizontal pair used, is genuine in all respects. The pair has three good to large margins and has had an added margin at the bottom (most probably for aesthetic reasons, as the added margin has not been amalgamated into the paper of the pair). It also shows a horizontal crease on the back, some thinning in the upper part and a few pin-holes. Otherwise, it is in overall fine condition and has a pleasing aspect. This is the only multiple known of the ½ real red error of colour of the first issue of Venezuela, which is the most important stamp of this country. There are only two other genuine examples known of the ½ real red error of colour, both of them singles: a mint one in perfect condition and a used one which is defective, both ex-Ferrary and ex-Dr. Heister. The comparison of this pair to the legendary mint example of the error of colour, which has formerly been in my possession, as well as to the used genuine example, has revealed all relevant characteristics to match precisely. A major discovery and a great rarity of Venezuelan philately.". Dr. Heister is widely regarded as the greatest authority on Venezuelan philately ever. He has written several books and countless articles on Venezuelan philately.
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