The Artist association 'Igen Igen' v. Karen T. and Quentin Wendt. Sculpture 'Molekuglen'

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Molekuglen has been made of dumped chairs from Sydhavns Genbrugscenter (Sydhavn Recycling Centre) as an upcycled art piece made from recycled materials for the sold-out sustainability festival TOMORROW Festival, which took place on the 3rd and 4th of September. On castors. H. approx. 195 cm. W. approx. 200 cm. D. 185 cm. NB. cracks and small defects have been repaired The artists have this to say about the process: "Molecules are the smallest stable particles; the very cornerstones of the universe. Molekuglen consists of multiple different base elements assembled into a new shape. The chairs are reintegrated into the circle of life through the use of a round shape as well as movement and moveability. The red colour symbolises passion. It is a first attempt - a core product, which isn't entirely spherical."

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