About Lauritz

Lauritz Christensen Auctions is one of the oldest auction houses in Denmark. With the launch of the www.lauritz.com web site in the spring of 2000, Lauritz.com A/S became the first Danish auction house to provide online auctions. Lauritz is a simple, online trading platform combining the best of traditional auctioneering (expertise, reliability and viewing) with modern information technology (accessibility and scope).

The auction environment at www.lauritz.com provides customers with a unique multimedia shopping experience. Lauritz is an honest, functional and secure site for online shopping. From the very beginning, our goal has been to feature auctions that focus on the needs of our customers. We believe that satisfied customers are our best spokespeople. Our online auctions meet the requirements of today’s consumers, who want to shop whenever and wherever they wish.

With its new internet profile, Lauritz has evolved to become Scandinavia’s leading online quality auction house. Since the hammer fell on the first auction in 1999, our turnover has risen from DKK 20 million (approx. EUR 2.7 million), to EUR 81,61 million in 2019.

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Lauritz Christensen Auctions was established in 1885. From its former headquarters situated on Søtorvet in Copenhagen, the house evolved over time to become a small, reputable traditional auction house.

In 1998 the family-owned business was bought by Bengt Sundstrøm, whose concept was to focus on the customer and move auctions from the domain of the physical auction house to the Internet. In December 1999 Lauritz Christensen was renamed Lauritz.com A/S. The first online auction began on 9 December and ended 14 days later.

As off spring 2000, all auctions have been held exclusively on the www.lauritz.com site. The traditional qualities of the auction world, such as objective appraisals and viewings, were moved to the new online auction website. Customers continue to be able to view the lots they are interested in before placing their bids. All bidding takes place on the lauritz.com website, where all lots are presented with descriptions, photographs and appraisal values.

Since autumn 2022, it has also been possible to buy items at a fixed price at www.lauritz.com.

Lauritz.com Group A/S has now expanded from 1 to 13 auction houses with 12 in Denmark and 1 in Belgium. Sellers can consign lots for sale and buyers can view items 6 days a week at any of our Lauritz auction houses.