PRESS RELEASE · World record at · 47.5 kilo piece of amber sold at auction for more than 197,000 Euro sets a new world record with the sale of a gigantic piece of amber for an impressive sales price of 197,400 Euro. The sale of the amber piece – the second largest amber piece in the world weighing 47.5 kilos – took place in connection with the auction sale of the House of Amber estate.

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The amber piece, which weighs 47.5 kg and measures 57.5 x 62 x 37 cm, was found by miners in the Indonesian Dharmasraya region in West Sumatra in 2014 and was, at the time, the world’s largest. When the mine workers discovered the piece, it weighed more than 80 kg. The sold piece of amber constitutes the polished core, which is left after cleaning away soil and other excess matter. The Österreichische Gemmologische Gesellschaft has tested and verified the amber’s authenticity. The piece is accompanied by a Guinness World Records certificate. Now the amber piece has set another world record as the most expensive ever sold.

Mette Rode Sundstrøm, co-owner of, states: "The staggeringly knockdown price is of course a big surprise, and we are very proud of the sale. It confirms a reviving interest in amber as a unique and sculptural material, created by our beautiful nature. The consistently high price level for amber, which we have been experiencing over the last years, now further increases in connection with our comprehensive auction sale of the renowned House of Amber estate, a sale which comprises 288,000 pieces of amber and amber objects. It is an honour to be entrusted with the sale of this collection, including such a spectacular piece of amber of this size. And it is a fantastic feeling to know that precisely this unique amber piece was purchased by an owner who truly appreciates it.”

The sale of the estate of House of Amber also comprises extremely rare antique figurines cut from amber, jewellery made of precious Dominican blue amber, a unique jewellery box created exclusively from amber, necklaces with fist-sized amber pieces, and a ship assembled from amber mosaic pieces. All in all, more than 280,000 items and jewellery pieces from the estate are being auctioned at, a quarter of which has already been sold. More than 20,000 different lot numbers have been, are currently, or will be at auction in the coming months. The overall retail price is more than 21 m Euro. The items come from the House of Amber’s many shops around the world as well as from their internationally highly recognized Copenhagen Amber Museum. From the shops, beautiful earrings, bracelets, pendants, figurines such as ships, lucky trees etc. are being sold. From the museum, there are amber objects with plant fossils and insects which provide glimpses of the past and let us peek at the world’s forests millions of years ago, as well as exciting antique objects from both Scandinavia and remote regions; all, of course, produced in amber.

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One of the world’s leading brands

House of Amber was founded in 1933 and has over generations developed into one of the world's leading brands in exclusive amber jewellery and amber art. House of Amber designed and created amber jewellery pieces of the finest quality. Unfortunately, House of Amber recently filed for bankruptcy, and the trustee chose to sell the many jewellery pieces and art works.

Bidders from around the world are raising expectations is experiencing bidders from all over the world at the auction, who are attracted to the House of Amber Auctions, which will be running for a longer period. Especially buyers from the Middle Kingdom. For several years, the Chinese have been acquiring large volumes of amber in Scandinavia and the Baltic countries. Indeed, the Chinese market for amber and amber jewellery has been growing. Still, the Chinese have been concerned about the stability of their past supplies of amber from Russia and have therefore been looking to our latitudes. Moreover, in traditional Chinese medicine, amber is considered both healing and soothing, and in the Buddhist faith, amber is one of the seven holy stones.

Amber fever
The auction house has long experienced rising prices in Scandinavia which a few years ago was referred to a veritable amber fever. The souvenir shops along the Danish west coast of Jutland were emptied of amber; entirely ordinary people who had amber lying around, fishermen who pulled up amber in their nets and those who prodded along the beaches looking for amber all sold their amber at auction at record-breaking hammer prices; some close to 20,000 EUR at auction on

The auction of the House of Amber estate appeals to collectors of antique and rare amber items, jewellery-aficionados and anyone who enjoys beautiful jewellery at a reasonable hammer price.

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