Arne Jacobsen

Arne Jacobsen (1902-1971) has to be Denmark’s best known architect. Arne Jacobsen is famous for his furniture design and architecture both nationally and internationally. He came from a middle-class family with nothing in his upbringing to suggest that Arne Jacobsen would have a creative career. But this was what the young Arne Jacobsen dreamt of.

Already in his early years Arne Jacobsen began to experiment e.g. with watercolour painting. It was however at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts’ School of Architecture that Arne Jacobsen was trained, and it was also here that Arne Jacobsen met many of the people he later came to work with. Arne Jacobsen graduated from the academy in 1927 and became professor at the same establishment in 1956. His great breakthrough as architect came in 1929 with his winning design proposal in the House of the Future competition. However, it is not this project that Arne Jacobsen is most famous for today. The Bellavista housing development in Klampenborg, a suburb of Copenhagen, is one of his principal works, and one which clearly shows how Arne Jacobsen looked at entirety in his design. For Arne Jacobsen it was not just the building itself he designed, but also the door handles, the landscaping and planting around – a holistic design solution. This is also very clearly demonstrated in, for instance, the SAS Hotel in Copenhagen, St Catherine’s College in England and the town hall in Aarhus.


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As architect, Arne Jacobsen was an interpreter of functionalism, with its strict, geometric lines and white surfaces. However, in his furniture design this stringency is broken by organic form, as seen for instance in his lounge chairs, Egg and Swan. Both Egg and Swan are still highly contemporary a good 50 years after they were designed and testify to a great master, the likes of whom the world has not seen since. The Ant and Series 7 chairs are Arne Jacobsen’s best known dining chairs and are among those most sold at auction within the Furniture category. Among Arne Jacobsen’s rarer pieces are chairs such as the Pot, Drop, Giraffe and Ox. These are more rarely seen at auction, but when they are, collectors from all around the world stand in line to bid on these Arne Jacobsen masterpieces.

Arne Jacobsenwas also a master of lighting design. Simplicity and his sense of detail are clearly apparent in the collaboration Arne Jacobsen had with Louis Poulsen. From the beginning of the 1930s to 1971 a variety of lamps were produced, e.g. the elegant Arne Jacobsen series, developed for the SAS Royal Hotel. The asymmetrical form of the lampshade concentrated the light in the direction where it was to be used and made it possible to have the light switched on and to read without disturbing your companion. The hole cut away in the centre of the lamp’s heavy, stabilizing foot was adjusted in size from the start to make room for an ashtray. But also without ashtray the hole contributes to the lamp’s elegant and light design language, complementing the lamp’s form.

Arne Jacobsen died all too early in his own home in 1971. But Arne Jacobsen's spirit lives on in his furniture, design and buildings. To this day Arne Jacobsen represents a source of inspiration for the work of many newly trained architects, and Arne Jacobsen can be seen in much of the design applied today.  

Arne Jacobsen ÆggetArne Jacobsen lampeArne Jacobsen svanenArne Jacobsen syveren

There is a wide selection of Arne Jacobsen furniture, from more common shell chairs to the beautiful Egg lounge chair with patina. Regardless of which his piece you like best, you can find your own unique and very special Arne Jacobsen design.

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