Arne Jacobsen. 'The Egg', Model 3319, 'Brown Label', 2015, tilting mechanism, purple Tonus wool

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Arne Jacobsen 1902-1971. 'The Egg', lounge chair with tilting mechanism, upholstered in purple Tonus wool, swivel centre column with four-star base in aluminium. Designed in 1958-1959 for the Hotel Royal Copenhagen. Produced and stamped by Fritz Hansen, 2015, serial number engraved in the frame. H. 102/38 cm. Literature: C. Thau/K. Vindum. 'Arne Jacobsen', 1998, discussed on pp. 144, 432 reproduced on pp. 433, 438-439, 467, 471-472. Minimal signs of wear.

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