Business sale


Sale of stock, fixtures and fittings at auction

Use as your business partner helps companies, institutions and producers with sale of items surplus to requirement. If you are moving, renovating, merging, restructuring, replacing fixtures and fittings, clearing surplus stock, etc. – then online auctions are a simple and quick way to sell any unwanted items.'s many buying customers are looking for quality and design in products like:
• Office and staffroom furniture
• Canteen and restaurant furniture
• Furniture from reception and lounge areas
• Boardroom and conference room fixtures and fittings
• Lighting
• Graphic design, paintings and sculptures
• Design objects, decorative arts and antiques

A straightforward and secure trading platform
An active and well-equipped customer base ensures the best market prices. Thanks to the strong brand awareness enjoys in the market the website attracts more than 850,000 visits per week. This means that all lots receive very wide exposure.

Comfort and security for the seller:
• Consignment and valuation on a daily basis
• Valuation can take place via e-mail or at the seller's address
• Assistance with arranging transport
• Capacity for handling very large consignments
• Lots are sold in typically 5 days
• More than 1,200,000 registered customer numbers 
• Seller's commission only 15% as well as a seller’s fee of DKK/SEK 150, EUR 20 (for Former leasing cars EUR 80, DKK 600 and for Stamps, Coins, notes and bars EUR 7, DKK 50).
Payment is made up to approximately 33 banking days after the sale,
• All lots can be viewed physically in our showrooms
• Full discretion for seller and buyer
• Buyers have an authenticity guarantee and the right to return goods

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Case: EUR 1,300 or EUR 22,000

A company shut down and was offered EUR 1,300 for its entire inventory. Our specialists recommended the company to sell their items at instead. The total sale amounted to more than EUR 22,000. 


Frequently asked questions
Is valuation from a photo possible?
Yes, you can send your pictures via e-mail or by mail to the auction house closest to you. You will then be contacted by a valuation expert. You are, of course, more than welcome to come visit us at one of our auction houses and get an appraisal on the spot.
When will I receive a response to my enquiry?
We always do our best to reply to all enquiries as quickly as we can. As far as possible within 2-3 days.
As a seller what do I have to pay in commission?
For every lot sold a seller's commission of 15% of the highest bid is calculated, as well as a seller’s fee of DKK/SEK 150, EUR 20 (for Former leasing cars EUR 80, DKK 600 and for Stamps, Coins, notes and bars EUR 7, DKK 50). Commission and seller's fee include VAT and cover all costs relating to the sale, including registration, taking photos, online display and storage during the sales period. Commission and hammer fee are deducted from the payment due to the seller.
When will my item be put up for sale?

Most lots will be put up for sale 2-3 days after they have been consigned.

How long do a sale last?
A sale lasts normally 5 days.