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Fantastic Frida Fjellman wins Lauritz Konsthantverkspris 2018



This year's big Design S Gala 2018 took place at Kulturhuset/Stadsteatern in Stockholm. Design S is run by Svensk Form and represents Sweden's most prestigious design awards in the realm of architecture, furniture and craft etc. During the gala, the winner of, among others, Lauritz Konsthantverkspris is named – an award of outstanding craft and design. Mette Rode Sundström, co-owner of, presented the award to the designer Frida Fjellman for her spectacular and beautiful glass work, developed visually and playfully at the intersection between art and craft. Frida Fjellman creates contemporary products with the potential to become the auction classics of the future, latest the series What's up for Kosta Boda. 

Lauritz Konsthantverkspris recognizes Frida Fjellman for her glasswork over time, most recently reflected in her new collection What's up for Kosta Boda. Here follows the jury's motivations:

A collection that is both playful and serious, its surprising size making the object occupy space so it doesn't disappear in the room. It shows a designer who takes craft to a new level, who has drawn her bow, takes action and shows how the boundary between arts and craft is being wiped out. The vases are beautiful and humorous, but also functional. They radiate joy and are unpretentious, nothing is left to chance. Frida Fjellman is a pioneer ahead of her time, which makes her a trendsetter. And What's up is a collection where the designer accepts the help of skilled craftsmen and raises glass as material to a new dimension.

Mette Rode Sundström, co-owner of, explains the purpose of the Lauritz Konsthantverkspris:

The purpose of the Lauritz Konsthantverkspris is to award one spectacular designer who stands out with his/her unique vision, keen sense of genuine craftsmanship and conscious choice of materials. The designer is contributing in an innovative and sustainable way to Swedish design through creations that have the potential to draw future consumers to auctions in 25+ years, spreading joy in the lives and homes of more generations to come.

At we see a strong and natural partnership with Svensk Form and Design S – Swedish Design Awards. The foundation for our long-term collaboration is based on a shared passion for design, as well as a shared desire to promote innovation and quality. As the largest auction house in the Nordics, strives to inspire our customers with a diverse range of auctions, while adding to the increased awareness of sustainable consumption and interior decoration. This is done by encouraging people to use auctions to buy and sell designs, antiques and curios that can withstand decades or even centuries of use. Together with the knowledge and dedication of Svensk Form, we want to support local design and local production of remarkable quality and craftsmanship. Through our partnership with Design S, we also see an opportunity to identify new future design classics that will retain a high attraction value in the auction world over time.