Finn Juhl

Finn Juhl (1912-89) Trained at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts’ School of Architecture (1935). Finn Juhl worked for Wilhelm Lauritzen for a number of years but in 1945 opened his own studio. Finn Juhl is internationally renowned for his groundbreaking, organic design language. At the Danish stand at the Triennale exhibition in Milan in 1954 Finn Juhl was awarded no less than six gold medals. Among the best known furniture from Finn Juhl are the Chieftain Chair and the Pelican Chair.

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Finn Juhl NV45Finn Juhl HøvdingestolenFinn Juhl PelikanenFinn Juhl skuffemodul

Finn Juhl's furniture is found both mass-produced and in cabinetmaker editions. It is the hand-crafted cabinetry pieces that attain the highest prices at auction. In 2006 a Chieftain Chair sold as high as DKK 265,000. Especially the Finn Juhl furniture made by cabinetmaker Niels Vodder can bring good results at auction. Several of the Niels Vodder series are made in less than 100 examples. The wood type used in Finn Juhl's furniture can vary, which also has an effect on price. Finn Juhl, among other of his furniture, is recognized for his 45 Chair which appeared at the Cabinetmakers Guild Exhibition in Copenhagen in 1945, and today Finn Juhl chairs are to be found in a number of design museums around the world.

At we regularly have Finn Juhl furniture at auction. Finn Juhl is one of our extremely popular furniture designers, ranking among the likes of Wegner, Børge Mogensen, Poul Kjærholm and Arne Jacobsen.


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