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Lots with a logo other than Lauritz.com’s at auction on Lauritz.com
At Lauritz.com you can also bid on lots from other selected auction houses. These lots are sold under logos other than Lauritz.com’s own. In these cases Lauritz.com acts as intermediary. For lots sold under Lauritz.com’s logo, Lauritz.com acts as commission agent. For buyers, the only difference typically is that you need to contact Lauritz.com’s Customer Support at support@lauritz.com if you as a company have purchased a brand new item from an auction house other than Lauritz.com and wish to have an invoice on which VAT is itemized.

In some cases where we refer to lots in other auction houses, different conditions of purchase may apply. If this is so, you will always be made specifically aware of this before you confirm your bid.

Lots with another logo and Lauritz.com’s collaboration with other auction houses
There are various ways to enter into a collaboration with Lauritz.com.

You can become a Lauritz.com Partner and start an auction house from scratch or convert your already existing auction house to a Lauritz.com auction house. You can also choose to become a Lauritz.com Associate. See the opportunities here.

Moreover, in recent years Lauritz.com has also developed and expanded our collaboration with other independent auction houses, who use our website to market their lots.

Lots either from our Associates or from working together with other independent auction houses are always sold under these auction houses’ own logo.

Associates with Lauritz.com

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About Lauritz.com
Lauritz.com is a pioneer in the auction business and in 1990 became the first auction house in the world to go over purely to online auctions. Lauritz.com is an open and simple sales platform that combines the best elements from the traditional auction world - expertise and viewing - with modern online technology’s reach and accessibility. The explosively growing interest in online auctions in recent years has meant that a number of traditional auction houses have had their eyes opened up to the potential in online auctions.