Kvium maleriMICHAEL Kvium
Oil canvas. Figural composition.
40 x 40 cm. Hammer price EUR 20,154.
Kvium foolMICHAEL Kvium Fool. 1993. Oil canvas.
30 x 30 cm. Hammer price EUR 21,498.
Kvium billede
Oil canvas 81 x 65 'Tyngdelovsopstilling'. Hammer price EUR 23,513.

Michael Kvium's paintings are more popular than ever before and Lauritz.com has become Danes’ preferred channel through which to sell their Kvium works.


Kviumspeaks a language that, via our instincts, we understand and one which we do not find comfortable. Kvium himself says that he wants to remind us of death and the bad things in life that we forget in the present. But even Kvium can change direction, and has taken the beautiful life into his universe in recent years.


At the moment there is a very strong demand for modern art, and not least for Kvium..

Time after time hammer prices reach new heights, there seeming to be no limit for what our bidders will give for a genuine Kvium painting.

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Kviumdoes not paint the world as it appears and that we recognize. Kvium paints a universe we recognize tactilely and emotionally.

Fans of Kvium are both attracted and challenged by Michael Kvium’s imagery. Kvium’s clarity and ambiguity are paradoxical and provocative.

We always have a large selection of Kvium works at auction. In May 2007 Lauritz.com sold a Kvium painting called 'Fool' at a hammer price of EUR 21,498 in relation to an estimate of EUR 5,374. In April the same year we sold a work by Kvium for EUR 20,154 against an estimate of EUR 6,718. It is worth noting that these are relatively small paintings.