and society aims to be an organization that is an active member and responsible partner in the surrounding society. sets high standards with regard to business affairs, the quality of our service and fairness in our professional business conduct. We strictly comply with all national and international legislation and regulations. In cases where there is a grey zone, we actively seek to find a solution in tune with prevailing moral and social norms.
  • supports the work of charitable organizations mainly by holding charity auctions. We put our auction system, expert knowledge and marketing department to work for our partner charities as well as offer donations in the form of both seller’s and buyer’s premiums. is proud to have supported the following charitable organizations: nationwide fund raising campaign for the victims in South East Asia, Red Cross, DanChurchAid, the Danish Refugee Council, the AIDS Foundation, Doctors Without Borders, Save the Children, the Danish Cancer Society, the Danish Multiple Sclerosis Society and Børns Vilkår among others. 

  • works in close cooperation with the Danish law enforcement agencies. The police continually keep us informed about stolen goods so that we can identify them should they be submitted for auction. We endeavour to prevent the sale of stolen goods at auction and always require that valid identification be presented at the time of consignment. We also do our best to ascertain that the person submitting the item for auction is the actual legal owner. We seek police assistance whenever we are in doubt about an item’s legality. Among the more than 3,500,000 sale since the site was launched back in 1999 there have been only very few such cases.

  • considers diversity a resource and encourages everyone regardless of sex, age, religion, ethnicity to seek employment with us. particularly welcomes applications from those who may be experiencing difficulties in the job market, including minorities as well as the long-term unemployed. We work together with the Danish public employment service AF. 

  • Lots sold at Lauritz are primarily high-quality used items. Through this auction process encourages and participates in recycling efforts throughout society at large. Recycling helps conserve natural resources and minimizes the use of energy which puts less strain on the environment. 

  • participates in an open dialogue and cooperation with the press, our partners and interested organizations. We expect that this dialogue is based on mutual respect and understanding. 

  • refuses to be a trading place for any weapons, military collectibles or propaganda material from the Nazi Germany period and therefore will not accept consignment of such items.