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Brand new items has acquired Karlstad-Hammarö Auktionsverk AB



Karlstad-Hammarö Auktionsverk was established in Hällefors by Gustav Adolf Fastberg during the 1940s. In 1967 the auction house moved to Hammarö, and shortly after this Gustav Adolf Fastberg‘s son Kent took over the reins. In 1991 Kent Fastberg was succeeded by Johan Fastberg as the 3rd generation. Kent Fastberg however returned, and the father and son team ran the auction house up until 2007, when Carl-Johan Eriksson bought half of the business. Carl-Johan Eriksson also has auctions in his blood, as his father, Karl-Erik Eriksson, is one of Sweden’s most famous auctioneers, appearing for instance on primetime Swedish television in TV auctions in the 1970s. 

Johan Fastberg and Carl-Johan Eriksson focus on daily online auctions and 3 times yearly present an extensive collection of particularly special items that are sold in an online quality auction. It was Carl-Johan Eriksson who when he came to the auction house suggested online auctions as being the future, so already from 2010 all auctions at Karlstad-Hammarö Auktionsverk have been online. Last year, 42,000 lots were sold.

After the acquisition, Karlstad-Hammarö Auktionsverk will continue to be run by the two former owners, Johan Fastberg and Carl-Johan Eriksson. 

Johan Fastberg comments on the background to becoming a part of
‘When I saw’s major venture in acquiring Sweden’s oldest auction house Stockholms Auktionsverk and the renowned South Swedish auction house Helsingborgs Auktionsverk, my thought was that I hoped they would get in touch with us too.’

Karlstad-Hammarö Auktionsverk will in future present a wide selection of items at – everything from antiques and collectibles to art, furniture and lighting – with an estimate of EUR 100 or over. At the same time, Karlstad-Hammarö Auktionsverk will continue to sell items on their own website, where a diverse range of interesting items with good stories are to be found, also under EUR 100. 

We have been looking forward very much to extending the family with yet another auction in Sweden. Welcome to the family.