Lauritz Kunsthal

In October Lauritz Kunsthal will open with the exhibition SALON #1 - Danish Art NOW! opens Lauritz Kunsthal
This autumn will have a little sister – Lauritz Kunsthal. Situated in Museumsbygningen at Østerbro in Copenhagen, Lauritz Kunsthal will present 7-8 exhibitions of new Danish and international art each year. Lauritz Kunsthal promotes new art to a wide target group of customers throughout the world, through sale of artworks on auctions and at fixed prices.

Lauritz Kunsthal opens its doors in October 2007 with the opening exhibition SALON #1 – Danish Art NOW! This exhibition presents a myriad of artists and artworks currently at the height of the local art scene. At SALON #1 one will be able to experience sculpture, painting, drawing, video art and much more.
Lauritz Kunsthal is preparing an ambitious exhibition program of Danish and international art. Every spring and autumn a grand SALON # exhibition of the newest art will be presented to a large, international audience through internet-based presentation. Lauritz Kunsthal will display both niche as well as established artists and will over time come to offer a set program of video art.

The interest in new art has never been greater, both domestically as well as internationally. Lauritz Kunsthal offers its audience an exclusive selection of both innovative as well as classic art. By making art available through works both on auction and at fixed prices, Lauritz Kunsthal is establishing a new connection between art and its audience.

Besides auctions at Lauritz Kunsthal, Museumsbygningen also presents’s deLuxe Catalogue Auctions three times a year.

- See you at Lauritz Kunsthal!