Nanna Ditzel

Nanna Ditzel (1923-2005) was one of Denmark’s most prominent and innovative female designers. Nanna Ditzel has a background as trained cabinetmaker (1943) and as early as 1944 Nanna Ditzel exhibited for the first time at SE (Cabinetmakers’ Autumn Exhibition).

As cabinetmaker Nanna Ditzel had a good understanding Nanna Ditzel - Trissefor furniture’s function ahead of its design and this contributed to making Nanna Ditzel both an innovative and experimental furniture designer.

Nanna Ditzel has received countless Danish and international furniture and design awards.

Nanna Ditzel - Trinidad stolen
One of Nanna Ditzel’s most famous pieces is the Trinidad chair, which is still highly sought-after at auction. The chair was designed in 1993 and is already a modern classic. The design with its fan-formed back and piercings cut both in the back and seat are inspired by Trinidad’s rich fretwork tradition. Hence the chair’s name. The fretwork contributed to the incredible lightness and elegance of the chair; and the chair stands as a shining example of Nordic design borrowing inspiration from other cultures and traditions.

The Trinidad chair comes in many different versions, with and without armrests, and in various types of wood, such as maple, cherry and walnut, as well as wood varnished in a number of different colours.
Nanna Ditzel - betræk
A cushion set can be bought for the chair, formed so as to retain the characteristic look of the Nanna Ditzel chair, with fan-shaped stitching and a practical solution whereby the cushions can be fastened to the chair by being pressed into the openings cut in the back and seat. This secures the cushions and conceals their reverse side. The cushions are made from Italian semi-aniline leather are sewn by a Danish upholsterer.

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