Whether you like modern paintings or older paintings, then is the place to look. We have a huge selection on auction and are sure to have paintings to suit.


Choosing paintings that fit in with your home interior and personality can be a difficult and slow process. paintings actually say a lot more about our personality than we think. Often our paintings reflect a current state of mind we, as people, find ourselves in. This is why we can often feel we have grown away from our paintings and therefore need to find new ones.

Some people are drawn by colour in paintings and for others subject is most important. paintings that one person thinks to be the most fantastic, can be thought of by others to be the most terrible they have ever seen. It’s precisely this fact that makes paintings, and thereby art, so interesting and personal.


Many believe that paintings are really expensive and so don’t investigate what they cost at all. They would rather buy a mass-produced poster reproduction in the belief that it is cheaper. Of course there are many paintings which are very expensive and can cost several thousand euro, but there also just as many paintings around that do not cost more than mass-produced poster reproductions.

At you can find paintings both for 800 and for 8,000 euro. You just need to take a look around and find the exact paintings you like best. Maybe you can find a bargain. Happy hunting!

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