House of Amber · 价值1.76亿元人民币的30万件琥珀。 拍卖行将对琥珀屋(House of Amber)股份有限公司破产后的资产进行拍卖


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重达47.5公斤的世界上第二大整块琥珀!在未来几个月中 将拍卖破产的琥珀屋名下的28.8万件物品,其中包括精美罕见的远古琥珀雕像,由多美尼加蓝琥珀制成的贵重首饰,由全琥珀制成的巧夺天工的首饰盒,拳头大小的整块琥珀项链,由琥珀马赛克制成的船等不同琥珀工艺品及首饰。

琥珀屋(House of Amber)成立于1933年,经过几代人的苦心经营,已发展成为顶级琥珀珠宝和艺术领域的世界领先品牌之一。琥珀屋只设计创造最高质量的珠宝。
在近期琥珀屋不幸破产后,其受托人指定 来处理其所有的珠宝以及艺术品销售。

实体店中各式美丽的耳环,手镯,吊坠,项链,船只工艺品,幸运树等将被出售。在博物馆的馆藏品中既有着包裹着植物残骸以及昆虫的琥珀,它们栩栩如生地再现了数百万年前地球上的森林原貌, 也有着令人激动的来自斯堪的纳维亚以及外国的琥珀古董文物。



关于 Lauritz 集团
Lauritz 集团由29家拍卖行组成。其中瑞典9家,丹麦14家,德国3家,挪威1家,芬兰1家以及比利时1家。该集团拥有包括 Stockholms Auktionsverk 在内的多个品牌。拍卖成交额达6.098亿丹麦克朗。在2019年已有370万注册客户。官方网站,手机网页以及APP拥有350万次的月点击量。访问者来自超过200多个国家。





300 000 pieces of amber · The auction house is auctioning the inventory from House of Amber ApS

The world's second-largest amber piece at 47.5 kilos (!), extremely rare figurines carved in amber, jewelry made from valuable Dominican blue amber, a unique jewelry box made entirely in amber, necklaces with fist-sized amber pieces and a ship made in an amber-piece mosaic. This is just a small selection of the more than 288,000 different items and jewelry pieces up for auction in the coming months when is selling the estate of the insolvent House of Amber.
More than 20,000 different auction lots must be assessed and written up before going up for auction. The combined retail price is more than 160 million DKK.

See the first auctions live here.

One of the world's leading brands

House of Amber was founded in 1933 and soon became one of the world's leading brands in exclusive amber jewelry and amber art. House of Amber designed and created amber jewelry pieces of the finest quality only.
Unfortunately, House of Amber recently filed for bankruptcy, and the trustee chose to sell the many jewelry pieces and art works.


Rare and spectacular objects
At the auction, which will extend over many months, there will be items from House of Amber's many shops in Denmark as well as from their own renowned museum - the Copenhagen Amber Museum.
From the shops, an extraordinary volume of earrings, bracelets, pendants, necklaces, figurines in the form of ships, lucky trees and more will be sold. From the museum, there will be both amber objects with plant fossils and insects which provide glimpses of the past and let us peek at forests from millions of years ago. Included are also exciting antique objects from both Scandinavia and remote regions; all, of course, produced in amber.