Poul Kjærholm (1929-1980)

Poul Kjærholm qualified as a cabinetmaker in Hjørring, Denmark, in 1949 and graduated from the School of Arts and Crafts in Copenhagen in 1953. In 1955 he was appointed lecturer at the Furniture School of the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and in 1976 became a professor of furniture design at the same institution.


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Poul KjaerholmEven though Poul Kjærholm trained as cabinetmaker, wood never became his material of choice. He had a functional approach to the design of his furniture, which he sought to construct using as few components as possible. He readily reused the same form employing different materials, usually leather, canvas or cane.

Poul Kjærholm is one of the many Danish furniture designers whose furniture again has become highly sought after in recent years. 

Despite its minimalist design language and simplicity, Poul Kjærholm’s furniture is very expensive to produce. By far the majority of his pieces were originally produced by furniture manufacturer E. Kold Christensen, and later production was taken over by Fritz Hansen, who today still produced a range of his designs – just as PP Møbler also did earlier.


Poul Kjaerholm Kold KristensenPoul Kjaerholm PK21Poul Kjaerholm PK9Poul Kjaerholm PK91



Poul Kjærholm actually worked as a designer for a year with Fritz Hansen before taking up his lecturer post at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. Poul Kjærholm, unlike so many other designers, did not experiment with a variety of materials or subjects. With a few exceptions Poul Kjærholm concentrated instead on perfecting his furniture in steel and leather. 


Poul Kjaerholm - PK101One of Poul Kjærholm’s few products other than furniture is a steel candelabrum from 1956. It is more than a metre tall and suspends from the ceiling with branches for 33 candles. The candelabrum (PK101) was produced by Kold Christensen and is extremely rare. 


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