Purchase of package tours and cruises at Lauritz.com

Lauritz.com acts as intermediary for travel providers in the sale of travel all over the world.

There are special procedures for purchase of cruises and package tours at Lauritz.com. This is to ensure that at all times your purchase is covered by a travel guarantee so that you are reimbursed if the travel company goes bankrupt and that you have the necessary costs covered to travel home if you are already on holiday.

Purchase of cruises and package tours from Danish travel providers
When you purchase package tours offered by Danish travel providers you are automatically covered with regard to bankruptcy by the Danish Travel Guarantee Fund. This is because Lauritz.com, prior to a sale, has signed an agreement with the travel provider that has been sent to the Travel Guarantee Fund, who, in turn, have noted that Lauritz.com acts as intermediary for the travel provider. Following this, Lauritz.com is entitled to offer for sale and sell the travel provider’s products in their name and with the provider’s travel guarantee fund cover.

Responsibility for confirmation of receipt of the travel guarantee certificate
It is crucial that you do not confirm receipt of your travel guarantee certificate until you have actually received it. The travel guarantee certificate is your guarantee that you can be reimbursed if the travel provider cannot provide the tour due to bankruptcy.

Cancellation rights and purchase of travel at auction
No cancellation rights apply to purchase of recreational activities such as cultural events, courses, lectures, travel or experiences where the auction mentions the day or the particular period when the relevant service is to take place.

We wish all our customers a good journey.