Interest in the world’s most famous watch brand, the Swiss Rolex, has increased markedly in recent years, and at we can see this rise in interest among our customers both in Denmark and abroad.

Rolex has a fine history, dating back over more than 100 years. The Rolex watch was created by Hans Wilsdorf and his brother-in-law Alfred Davis, both of whom were captivated and fascinated by the mechanism of the watch, especially its precision. In 1908 they opened ’Wilsdorf and Davis’ in London. The earliest watches from ’Wilsdorf and Davis’ were marked ’W&D’ and today are valuable collectors’ items. In 1908 the trademark Rolex was registered.

How the name Rolex came to be is the subject of much conjecture. The explanation most favour is that the name Rolex is merely an invention and that Rolex does not mean anything at all. Hans Wilsdorf, however, chose the name Rolex because it could be pronounced in all languages and because the name Rolex was almost impossible to spell incorrectly.

At the same time an office was opened in La Chaux-de-Fonds in Switzerland and here production of the first Rolex watches began. The first watches used what was termed the ’Oyster’ function, involving a special three-part case that made the watch water resistant and very robust. In order to demonstrate these qualities the swimmer Mercedes Gleitz was given the watch to wear for her cross-Channel swim from Cap Gris in France to Dover in England in 1927. She wore the Rolex watch for the entire duration of the swim, which lasted 15 hours. When, she climbed out of the water after her exhausting crossing, the Rolex watch was still completely watertight and had not lost a single second.

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Rolex has since been the favoured watch among connoisseurs and others with a penchant for luxury. Rolex has become a status symbol and many realise a lifelong dream when they can put their first Rolex watch on their wrist. As well as the beauty and elegance of the Rolex watch, the watch is also known for being able to handle the toughest ordeals, regardless of whether this is 100 metres under the surface of the sea or at the top of Mount Everest. Today the Rolex brand almost has a mythical status and the watch is very much more than just a device with which to measure time. The robustness, precision, quality of craftsmanship and design of the Rolex watch contribute to many watch lovers today regarding Rolex as the ultimate wristwatch.

If you invest in a Rolex watch in many cases you can risk that the value of the watch exceeds the price you paid. Many models are only produced in limited editions and this means demand can be great for many of the models. But all Rolex watches hold their value, so you can always expect a good second-price for your Rolex watch.

Among the most popular Rolex watches at are the classic Datejust models, the Red Submariner from the 1960s, the anniversary Submariner with green bezel, several of the Daytona models, GMT, Yachtmaster and vintage Precision models from the 1950s.

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