Seller advertising

Increase your chances of a good hammer price!
It's free if your lot is not sold

With's ad packages your lot will be shown:
  • up to 30,000 extra times
  • highlighted in the lot list
  • in several lot categories
  • on’s front page.

Give your lot the best sales conditions at auction with's ad packages. You can choose between BRONZE, SILVER and GOLD to suit your needs and budget.

- 5,000 extra exposures
- Exposures in several categories
- Price: EUR 13.

- 15.000 extra exposures
- Exposures in several categories
- Highlighted in lot list
- Price: EUR 27.

- 30.000 extra exposures
- 15.000 front page exposures
- Exposures in several categories
- Highlighted in lot list
- Price: EUR 54.

Regardless of which pack you choose, you give your lot a boost and improve your chances of a good hammer price.


You put your lamp on auction. A customer is looking for a chair and naturally looks in our furniture category. Normally, your lamp would not be shown in this category. By using one of the ad packages listed above, you can advertise your lot in all lot categories. In this way, the customer looking for a chair now sees your lamp in the same category in which he is searching. This gives your lot more exposure and thereby the possibility of attracting more bidders. Just a few extra bids and your ad package has paid for itself.

How to buy an ad package

Immediately after your lot has been activated, you will receive an email with an offer to buy one of the above ad packages. By clicking on the link in the email, you will arrive at the page where you can choose your ad.

You can also sign in to 'My page' on and go to 'Active sales' to reach the same page with the ad packages and make your selection here.

Service information
It's most profitable for you to buy an ad package if your lot is valued at a minimum of DKK/SEK 1,500, EUR 200. Please note that visitors to who have installed an ad blocker will not be able to see your seller ad.’s recommendation
Buying an ad package is most worthwhile if the estimate for your lot is at least DKK/SEK/NOK 1,500, EUR 200.

If you have any queries about the ad packages you can contact’s Customer Support. See the phone number, email address and opening hours here.

Good to know about ad packages from

  • They are free if your lot is not sold
  • If your lot is not sold first time round you do not pay for the ad for the auction. If you wish to continue advertising the new auction, you must order a new advertisement under My page / Active sales
  • The exposures will appear in the lot list and on the individual lot pages
  • Exposures will be distributed evenly over the auction period
  • Even if your auction has started, you can still get the exposures you order
  • You cannot order an ad package in the last 24 hours of your auction.

Cancellation right
Please note that cancellation rights do not apply to ad packages as the service comes into immediate effect once it has been ordered.