Sustainability and global goals

At Lauritz, the UN’s sustainable development goals and sustainability in general are a completely natural part of the business. In fact, the entire auction industry is built on a both sustainable and historically conscious approach to the world around us.

Sustainability and social responsibility have been a part of our identity since our very first online auction went live in the end of 1999. The first item to receive its hammer price –on Christmas Eve even –was Knud Kyhn’s fine, recumbent foal in stoneware with sung glaze for Royal Copenhagen. The foal exists in many different variations, and over the years we have sold it a lot of times and made many buyers happy. And as fate would have it, animal figures in both glazed and unglazed stoneware have achieved a veritable renaissance over the past few years. So now once again Knud Kyhn’s beautiful foal gets the place of honor on the shelf or on the windowsill.

Since this very first auction, Lauritz has been at the forefront of the circular economy. And has had a vision to democratize the auction industry and make sustainable trades accessible to everyone.

Sustainable business

A sustainable business

By nature, Lauritz has always been a sustainable business. Recycling is mediated, where countless treasures change hands daily.

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A sustainable everyday life

We often find that customers come back with what they bought at the time, to sell again and thus continue the recycling cycle.

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Sustainable mindset

Charity, social responsibility, and concern for the world we are part of, have always been an important part of Lauritz.

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Sustainable in nature

The auction industry has always been sustainable by its very nature. Over the centuries, millions upon millions of used vintage treasures have changed hands and homes in a sustainable cycle across generations, demographics, and geography. At Lauritz, we mainly mediate the sale of used items between private individuals. Both the cheap and the very expensive. Many of the items that are at auction with us right now, we have seen before. And exactly that is a decisive trend these days: We all buy used.

Our platform has formed the framework for many recycling deals over time. We mediate more than 100.000 auctions annually and we are proud of the reduction in CO2 it has created, and still creates every time you bid on a used item instead of buying new.

This is how we work with the global goals

At Lauritz, we work with the global goals. The global goals constitute 17 specific goals that all UN countries have committed to helping to achieve. The goals must abolish poverty and hunger, reduce inequalities, ensure good education, and better health for all, decent jobs, and more sustainable economic growth.

No one can change the world alone, but everyone can do their part, and together we can go far.

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Quality education


Decent work and economic growth


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Life on land


No poverty


Responsible consumption and production


Participate in the circular economy

Lauritz is the place where you can sell and buy second-hand, vintage, and unique goods with consideration for the world, we are a part of.

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