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Meet one of our valuation specialists: Ursula Klindt Nielsen

Ursula has an MA in art history from Aarhus University 2012, and started at Vejle as an intern as part of her studies in 2010, when the branch was preparing to open. After graduating, she was given a permanent position and has been affiliated with Vejle ever since. 

Ursula explains: All my life I have been interested in cultural history, and the history of clothing and style –in how people lived and organized themselves and what they considered beautiful and why. It's exciting to come into contact with all that history at work every day – not least when detective skills are required to establish an item's provenance!

I specialize in pictorial art, especially art pre-1900 and vintage posters. And I'm also crazy about crafts, including beautiful old silver, ceramics and old furniture. Rare and unique objects appeal to me, too, and I also love examining interesting musical instruments and unusual books, for example.

We once sold a painting by one of my favourite artists, Elisabeth Jerichau Baumann – a striking portrait of a lovely Jewish girl. The painting had belonged to the same family for generations and therefore might not have been seen by the public since it was painted. As it turned out, this world-wise lady, Elisabeth Jerichau Baumann, had published her travel memoires in 1881 under the title 'Brogede Rejsebilleder' (Motley Travel Pictures), and beside an entry in the book, we found a copperplate reproduction of our very own painting! It was of course lovely that the painting was sold for over EUR 12,000 and I at the same time had the real pleasure of helping an art historian who was in the process of listing Baumann's works. 

I have always liked early posters by iconic masters such as Toulouse-Lautrec, but my passion certainly blossomed after working with a vast collection of old advertising, exhibition and public information posters etc.! I love the way working at can open up the appeal of collecting in an entirely new area. The posters bring cultural history to life, they are decorative, and they are amusing – whether that is intentional or whether times have changed and made them appear comical by chance!

Contact Ursula:

Tlf +45 4027 2047 | Mail