Valuation method


We value all items according to expected hammer price
The evaluation of a product at is based on our experience of selling that same type of product, current market trends and the seller's expectations of the hammer price. Valuation is not an exact science but an indication. In the end it is always the buyers who determine the market price, and this fluctuates. This means that some hammer prices are higher or lower than the estimate.

For lots with the ’Brand new item’ logo, expected hammer price is supplemented with information about recommended retail price (RRP). This information is designed to guide our customers as to what the item costs in a shop. We permit ourselves to leave out this information with certain items with no brand or name, where at times it can be difficult to find a stable shop price.

Frequently asked questions
It has been some time since I have made arrangements concerning the shipment of my already paid for purchase, but I haven’t received it yet, what happened?
Please contact our shipping partner providing the order number, you received when you placed your shipping order. Our shipping partner will then try to track your lot.
Why cannot arms be sent in the post?
Arms cannot be sent in the post, because it is illegal to send firearms or edged weapons that require a permit by post. Some transport companies have a licence for the transportation of weapons, including our shipping partner. You are more than welcome to contact the auction house where the item you are interested in is on auction for more information.
Could you suggest a transport company?
Read more about this under Delivery - Our shipping partner.