• Free and non-binding estimate

    If you have an item that you are considering selling at auction you just need to contact one of our auction houses – contact details and addresses. Here you will be given a free and non-binding estimate. The estimate represents an indication of the hammer price the item can be expected to achieve at auction. Valuation is not an exact science but an approximation. In the end it will always be the buyers who determine the price, and this varies. This means that some hammer prices will be higher or lower than the estimate. Read more about What can be sold

    Estimates can be provided in three ways:

    1. Take the item to your local auction house
    2. Contact your local auction house by phone
    3. Send an e-mail with a description and photo of your item to your local auction house

  • Consignment
    If you choose to consign, your item will be photographed, described and put on auction online – usually within 1-3 days.
    An auction typically runs for 5 days.

    The item can also be viewed in the auction house where it was consigned, and our many registered customers can bid on the item online up until the end of the auction.

    When the auction for the item ends the seller receives an e-mail confirming this.

  • Transport
    If you are unable to bring the item to one of our showrooms yourself then we can recommend one of these transport companies. We request you contact the company yourself to make the arrangements for transport.

  • Home valuation
    In the case of larger, single estates or objects of special interest and value you can call or write to arrange a valuation visit to your home. If the intention is to auction the object(s) this service is free of charge. The experts may, however, reject to go for a valuation visit due to too long a distance from the showroom to the private home in question.
    If you wish to put your items on auction are happy to be of assistance in arranging transport to the auction house. The cost of transport will be deducted from the payment you are due to receive.
    Each day over 1,700 lots are put on auction. Prior to this more than three times as many items have been appraised. During the course of one year our specialists perform more than 1 million valuations – at the counter, by e-mail or in private homes.

  • Questions
    You are always very welcome to read our Frequently asked questions and/or to contact us with any queries.

Frequently asked questions
Is valuation from a photo possible?
Yes, you can send your pictures via e-mail or by mail to the auction house closest to you. You will then be contacted by a valuation expert. You are, of course, more than welcome to come visit us at one of our auction houses and get an appraisal on the spot.
When will I receive a response to my enquiry?
We always do our best to reply to all enquiries as quickly as we can. As far as possible within 2-3 days.
As a seller what do I have to pay in commission?
For every lot sold a seller's commission of 15% of the highest bid is calculated, as well as a seller’s hammer fee of DKK/SEK 150, EUR 20. Commission and hammer fee include VAT and cover all costs relating to the sale, including registration, taking photos, online display and storage during the auction period. Commission and hammer fee are deducted from the payment due to the seller.
When are my items put on auction?

Most lots are put on auction just 2-3 days after they have been consigned.

How long do auctions last?
An auction lasts normally 5 days.