Grønkjær sells unique football shirts

Jesper Grønkjær is auctioning his unique collection of international football shirts, including shirts from some of the world's greatest football players, for the benefit of the Danish Children's Aid Foundation's work with children and youths living in foster homes or residential institutions.

During his long carrier in English football, including at Chelsea, Jesper Grønkjær collected shirts from many international stars. The collection contains shirts from Champions League, Premier League and more. If you want to feel the star power and bring a piece of football history home, see the fantastic collection and bid here...

Grønkjær was also with a number of other international clubs and the collection therefore contains many shirts from stars such as Ronaldo and Fernando Torres. See and bid here...

The entire sales proceeds including commissions will go to the Danish Children's Aid Foundation (Børnehjælpsdagen). is donating both the buyer's premium and the seller's commission.

Jesper Grønkjær has put a great deal of thought into what he should do with his many shirts and said, 'A few months ago, I found all the old football shirts I had collected throughout my carrier and decided very quickly that they should be sold for the benefit of a charity. Over the last few years, I have gotten to know the Danish Children's Aid Foundation and the work this organization does with foster children and youths year round. I chose them because they organize many different events with commitment and their hearts in the right place. They show that with persistent effort and positive attention, you can go very far. It appeals to me that the Danish Children's Aid Foundation, despite its modest size, can achieve so much good for children in one year. I'm proud to be a part of this work.'

The auction runs from 12 to 26 August 2011. All shirts can be viewed at's showroom in Herlev.

About the Danish Children's Aid Foundation
The Danish Children's Aid Foundation is a national help organization working year-round for the approximately 15,000 children and youths living in foster homes and residential institutions in Denmark. These are children who cannot live at home with their mothers and fathers but must live in residential institutions or with a foster family. They are often taken away from their families due to neglect, serious illness or death in the family. The Danish Children's Aid Foundation offers children and youths positive experiences which develop their skills and strengthen their self-esteem. The organization's primary job is to put a smile on the children's faces and give them an experience out of the ordinary. The key issue for the Danish Children's Aid Foundation is the strengths, talents and dreams of these children and youths. The money generated by the auction will help fund activities and make dreams come true for children in foster homes and residential institutions across Denmark.