Just Andersen

Just AndersenJust Andersen (1884-1943) trained as a sculptor and silversmith. Just Andersen developed designs for silversmith A. Michelsen, etc. Metal remained his favourite material throughout his life, and Just Andersen designed a number of gold and silver jewellery items as well as hollowware. His main interest, however, lay with less expensive metals. Just Andersen developed diverse practical metalware objects as well as decorative items in tin, bronze and 'Disko metal' - an alloy that Just Andersen himself invented comprising a mixture of lead, tin and antimony.

In 1918 Just Andersen started an independent silversmith workshop, which after his death was continued by his widow. In some of Just Andersen’s objects the expression is minimalist and simple, but like many others of his generation Just Andersen was inspired by Old Norse forms, which he translated to a design language swept clean of superfluous ornament.


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