News from our quality control is one of the leading online auction houses for art, furniture, decorative art, jewellery and collectibles. It is of utmost importance that everything we sell is original, authentic and of high quality craftsmanship.

It is our responsibility as experts to detect errors, counterfeits and fakes. And in addition to this we also carry out regular quality control to combat the rising trend in counterfeit goods and fakes in the world market.

We recall lots that our specialists have not detected correctly. These can be stolen goods, design counterfeits, art fakes or e.g. items recalled by the producer for reasons of safety or health.

We sell more than 350,000 lots at auction a year. Therefore, human error will occur. When this happens, we contact the customers affected, we recall items for closer examination, we refund all costs or give a reduction in price, and we are publishing the recalls here.

If a seller in bad faith sells counterfeits, fakes or stolen goods, we report the seller in question to the police.

We have recalled the following items:

2017: We have recalled a number of pearl necklaces, because they were described incorrectly.

We have recalled 12 pieces of branded jewellery as they were not authentic.

We have recalled 4 lots with newly upholstered chairs as the shell beneath the upholstery is not original.

We have recalled 24 rugs described as Beni Ourain rugs.

We have recalled 54 bottles of Fanti Brunello di Montalcino 2006, where the contents have turned out to be other than named.

We have recalled a number of beds, where the covers can be mistaken for Hästens’ well-known blue and white pattern.

We have recalled Andy Warhol prints described as published by CMOA (Carnegie Museum of Modern Art). The CMOA stamps were fake.
Based on a principle of precaution other items from the same sellers have also been recalled.

: We have recalled Andy Warhol Jagger prints described as screenprints but which were offset prints.

: We have recalled a small number of lounge chairs that were described as being designed by Arne Jacobsen. Doubt has been raised as to whether they have been designed by Arne Jacobsen and we have therefore chosen to apply the precautionary principle and recall them.

: We have recalled a number of rocking chairs that were described in error as having been produced by FDB and designed by Børge Mogensen but that turned out to be produced by Farstrup Møbler and be Farstrup Møbler’s own design.

2014: We have recalled lots that were described as Andy Warhol but which turned out to be fakes.

: We have recalled a considerable number of Ray and Charles Eames’ shell chairs.

2013: We have recalled jewellery with black synthetic stones that were described in error as black diamonds.

: We have recalled a range of bioethanol fireplaces similar to a type warned about by the Danish Technological Institute. We chose therefore to recall them based on the principle of precaution.

: We have recalled lots that were described as Andy Warhol but which turned out to be fakes.