Motorized minimalism anno 2009

Wrenchmonkees is the name of Europe’s new design comet on the international motorcycle scene. Three young Copenhageners with roots in Danish design and technology have created a new style of motorcycle design that generates unique applied art creations that can be used for everyday transport and as a style statement on wheels.
Wrenchmonkees’ retro-inspired creations stem from a ’less is more’ philosophy also known from other design styles. Wrenchmonkee’s products are generally characterized by an understated style confidence that deliberately chooses not to use chrome, hot colours or powerful volume that otherwise the standard in many hand-built motorcycles. ’We believe in simplicity, raw materials and well thought through proportions’, says partner, Nicholas Bech about the ingredients that underlie Wrenchmonkee’s great international success in the industrial design world. Wrenchmonkees are currently being spotted in countless places around the world as a design trio worth paying attention to. An attention the three creators have been happy to experience. ’Each machine we create goes through a long and frustrating process to maturity – nothing leaves our workshop unless all three of us are certain that its full potential has been released’, says partner, Per Nielsen about the special development process that characterizes Denmark’s new star trio. Wrenchmonkees never produce two products the same. The company resembles more an art studio than a motorcycle workshop, which the products at auction here also underline. ’We love mixing styles, époques and standards for what is possible’, says the third and last partner, Anders Ingvartsen about the two motorcycles up for auction this time.

The people behind the company:
Behind Wrenchmonkees are the two recognized advertising photographers Nicholas Bech and Anders Ingvartsen as well as technical designer Per Nielsen. Their hobby over the last ten years has been to build motorcycles in various styles that dare to break with standards and conventions in the industry. In 2007 they turned their passion into a profession when demand for their creations became so great that they were no longer able to continue on a hobby level. In the two years that have passed the project has taken off at high speed, and many customers today have a WM creation as their first motorcycle. ’We have several customers who when they met with our motorcycles for the first time found a mechanical form of expression that supported their self image’, says Anders Ingvartsen, who also sees motorcycles as applied art, passion and personality – and not just a means of transport. A WM motorcycle can from their perspective therefore just as well stand as a decorative object inside a room as in the drive.

Public attention:
The two motorcycles offered at auction have been exposed widely in international journals, lifestyle magazines and at trade fairs, museums and galleries. The creation ’Gorilla Punch’ was created in response to an invitation for an exhibition at the Danish Museum of Art & Design. It has also posed on the cover of the book edition of the art magazine ROJO, and as the front exhibition at ROJO’s exhibition in 2009.

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